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Brief description about Faktabaari in English

Faktabaari is a Finnish factcheck service bringing accuracy to the public election debate. Faktabaari is a non-partisan journalistic service using internet and social media for collecting and distributing factual information.

Faktabaari comes from the Finnish words for fact (fakta) and bar (baari). It started by serving facts on common misconceptions on EU and followed the public European election debate during 2014 in order to correct the factual mistakes to support a fact-based and informed public debate.

Faktabaari is run by an NGO called Avoin yhteiskunta ry (Open Society association, Finland), and is managed by a small voluntary staff of professional journalists, EU experts and technical staff with the help of broader network of topical experts. We are connected to the European debate by co-operating with European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) and other partners.

Faktabaari won the award for the Best Journalism Act in the 2014 Finnish Bonnier journalism awards organized in March 2015. The European Public Communication Award 2014 was attributed to Faktabaari at the EuroPCom 2014 Conference in Brussels.

Some results about the first pro-bono 2014 European Parliament election -project can be found from the blog posting.

Faktabaari ran a fact checking campaign on the Finnish 2015 parliamentary elections. The campaign was made possible by a €59,000 grant awarded to Faktabaari by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation in September 2014 and €10 000 discretionary grant from Government’s  Europe information 2014 and 2015 to our transparency NGO – Avoin yhteiskunta ry.

In March 2015, Faktabaari won €30,000 of seed money in the Media innovation competition organized by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. Currently Faktabaari staff is involved with e.g. a European project with journalism schools – – as a member of emerging global fact-checking community and cooperate with our sister project Debattibaari (DebateBar)  – for argumented  public debate,  while preparing for the next elections.

Faktabaari is based on open source software and use creative commons licence for publishing.

Faktabaari is also a pilot and  example for forthcoming national ”FactBars” in a – project. is a pedagogical fact-checking network for fact-based public debate with the objective to participate jointly for fact-based European parliamentary elections 2019. For further information and recent activities please contact or follow (in English) and soon also in Our demo-site for can be found here.

Faktabaari contacts and channels (predominantly in Finnish) are: