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Faktabaari EDU (FactBar) project has brought together Faktabaari fact-checking experts, journalists, media specialists, and pedagogues to create Media and  Information Literacy tools to support teachers in dealing with social media issues in the classroom context and to activate students to verify their social media content empowered with critical thinking and information literacy skills to resist mis- and disinformation.

We will publish our new Creative Commons Information Literacy materials in Finnish in February and in English by our International Fact-checking day event 2.4. and develop further materials also within our European Media and Information Literacy project with Lithuanian, Greek and Spanish partners. For updates, support offers and more information on forthcoming information literacy materials follow us on Twitter @FactBar or send your contact details or questions to [desk@factbar.eu](mailto:desk@factbar.eu).

Meanwhile, you can download below our Creative Commons voter literacy toolkit ”Elections approach - are you ready for educators that was widely circulated as a link to CNN’s special article 2019.

Our approach has had a wide national and international interest. The Guardian published recently an article “How Finland starts its fight against fake news in primary schools!” about our approach. We will publish our new Information literacy tool-box for educators in English later on this spring. Stay tuned!

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Replacing “F*ake News” by #DDDvocabulary

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