Faktabaari 5 years - keeping the Bar open together

Open invitation to all old and new friends of Faktabaari  

Faktabaari 5 years anniversary seminar on fact-checking #EUelections2019 in Germany and Finland

Time: Tuesday 2nd of April at International Fact-Checking Day (IFCD)
Place: Päivälehden museo, Ludwiginkatu 2-4
Organiser: Avoin yhteiskunta ry with help of Faktabaari
RSVP by Sunday 31st March especially in view of buffet or toimitus@faktabaari.fi
(We will be updating this secure website frequently - stay tuned)


16.30 Welcome coffee

17.00 Anniversary keynote 
Faktabaari for fact-based public debate from 2014 to 2019, Mikko Salo, Avoin yhteiskunta ry & Petra Piitulainen-Ramsay, Faktabaari  

17.30 Keynote followed by panel discussion
German challenge & Correctiv response in European and IFCN networks: Cristina Helberg, Correctiv faktencheck 

Panel: 2019 EU elections as common challenge: European Fact-checkers tackling Populism, Propaganda and violation of Privacy for manipulation (“3P” challenge)
Faktabaari response including co-operation with #vaalivahti, Petra Piitulainen-Ramsay 
Role of fact-checking in tackling “3P” challenge in Europe, Mikko Salo 
Moderator: Joonas Pörsti, Managing editor/Ulkopolitiikka magazine

18.45 What next - Faktabaari for fact-based public debate and against online disinformation
Short presentations on Faktabaari priority areas by Avoin yhteiskunta ry board members**digimedia literacy **(Kari Kivinen & Markus Neuvonen), fact-checking (Petra Piitulainen-Ramsay & Mika Horelli, tbc), research (Severi Hämäri & Nina Maskulin), funding (Jyrki Berner & Mikko Salo). Partner interventions warmly welcomed. 

19.15 –21  Discussion to continue over buffet dinner and @Faktabaari

We are grateful for Aue-Stiftung for funding and Päivälehti museum for hosting this anniversary event.

Welcome - also Bar will be open

Avoin yhteiskunta ry & Faktabaari

Picture:  2018 Chydenius Medal was granted to Faktabaari - run by transparency NGO Avoin yhteiskunta ry  to mark the outstanding performance on international level in promotion of the principles of openness, cherished by Anders Chydenius, the initiator of the world’s first Freedom of Information Act (1766). 



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