14.09.2022 DIL

7. Claim your rights! From users to citizens in online environments

14.09.2022 DIL Minna Aslama Horowitz
14.09.2022 DIL

8. Many shapes and sizes: Dissecting online disorders

14.09.2022 DIL Minna Aslama Horowitz
14.09.2022 DIL

9. Political propaganda is based on psychological manipulation

14.09.2022 DIL Joonas Pörsti
14.09.2022 DIL

10. What can we learn from fact-checkers?

14.09.2022 DIL Pipsa Havula
14.09.2022 DIL

11. Fact-checking transparency codes - how do I identify a fact-checker?

14.09.2022 DIL Mikko Salo
14.09.2022 DIL

12. How to evaluate a scientific claim and expertise of an expert?

14.09.2022 DIL Kari Kivinen
14.09.2022 DIL

13. Algorithmic awareness - the challenges created by artificial intelligence

14.09.2022 DIL Harto Pönkä
14.09.2022 DIL

14. Digital footprint and privacy in online services

14.09.2022 DIL Harto Pönkä
14.09.2022 DIL

15. Everyday use of digital services generates digital power

14.09.2022 DIL Tiina Härkönen
14.09.2022 DIL

16. Digital civic skills are a key tool for defending democracy

14.09.2022 DIL Jukka Vahti
09.06.2022 EDU

Science Education in an Age of Misinformation

09.06.2022 EDU FactBar EDU
02.06.2022 Tapahtumat

Claire Wardle: Massive problems are tackled with a minimal budget

02.06.2022 Tapahtumat Editorial
24.05.2022 Faktantarkistus

Fact-check: Russian convoy north of St Petersburg was not carrying Iskander missiles

24.05.2022 Faktantarkistus Toimitus
08.04.2022 Tapahtuma

Faktabaari Forum: Towards digital information literacy in post 24/2 Nordics

08.04.2022 Tapahtuma Toimitus
09.12.2021 EDU

'Post-Truth' Society - First ideas for action

09.12.2021 EDU Faktabaari EDU


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